Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Actually, I don't see you, and you can't see me either. That's the whole point of this post! As many of you know, over the last year we've been doing major renovations to our home. Part of this project was an addition over our garage which includes four large clerestory windows on the west side of the house. These windows provide tons of natural light without sacrificing and privacy.

Well this is all well and good, but there's another window (probably 3x3 feet) on the west side of the house that was supposed to be frosted, but by mistake it was manufactured as clear. Might not sound like a big deal until you realize this window is directly between the master bathroom and our closet. Not wanting to attract undue attention from our neighbors, we've been living with a lovely paper shade from Home Depot to retain our privacy.

Well, the replacement glass finally arrived and our contractor replaced it today. It's just wonderful! Tons and tons of natural light, and privacy and modesty for all! Here's a peek of what this looks like at night.


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