Sunday, April 13, 2008

One TOUGH Marathon

Today's race was QUITE challenging. I'm not sure if it was all the elevation change, the tricky footing, or the 86F heat, but I had a tough time with today's marathon in the John Muir Woods of northern California. I finished, but it wasn't pretty. It took a little over 5 hours and my feet are tender and my skin is burned like a lobster. On a positive note, my legs aren't tired at ALL. In fact, it feels like I didn't run at all. Then again, considering how much I walked today maybe that's more true than I wish. :-(

Anyway, I'm beat and I'm going to bed. I'll post more photos later, but for now I'll leave you with this beautiful pano shot I captured around mile 14. Click the small image below for an interactive version with amazing zoom capabilities. Enjoy!

[Opens in new window.]


At 7:57 PM, Blogger keebeelog said...

We did great race!
It's unforgettably beautiful running.
I was feeling power from nature while I was running.

I want to try such beautiful running someday again.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Laurie Rogers said...

Hey Adam and Keishichi! It's Laurie - I'm the gal that finished right before you, Adam, and did some of that walking with you. Thanks for the beautiful panoramic shot and the great race and post-race conversation. Hope you are feeling o.k. today - Monday. My legs are o.k., but the right ham is feeling like a slight pull. I loved the race and want to do it again. Beautiful! My husband and I went to SF and had a wonderful, HUGE dinner of gnocchi and chianti. A great time. Nice to meet you both and see you at the next race!


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