Thursday, March 13, 2008

Glass Panels Installed!

Part of our home design involves some creative uses of glass panels in different parts of the house. This is a real highlight for us and we've been looking forward to their installation for a LONG time. Well, the panels finally arrived this week and the guys finished the installation today. Let me take you on a tour.

This first shot was taken in our upstairs sitting room, looking toward the master bedroom door. As you can see on the right there's a normal maple door, but on the left we've used a frosted panel. Actually, it's two pieces of glass with a layer of white laminate sandwiched between. It's trimmed out like a door, but provides a interesting visual ambiguity between the two spaces, as well as extra light. The manufacturer says the glass transmits about 70% of the light, and you can see vague shadows, but it's otherwise very private.

The other set of panels is in the kitchen. We wanted a smooth, monolithic backsplash material that would be visually interesting and also very easy to clean. Again, we went with frosted glass because it also brings the element of "blurring" spaces because of the light transmission. This first shot shows our new kitchen at night. I really love the way the light leaks over the middle wall and through the glass backsplash. It's just how our architect, Bill, designed it.

This next shot isn't that much different, but it gives you a sense of the lighting variations with the cooktop illuminated.

The last photo for tonight is one more night shot of the kitchen with the lights turned up to about 30 percent. We still need to find some good pendants for accent lighting, but everything in the kitchen is very functional. We love cooking and hosting more than ever!


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