Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The framing next....

As soon as the roof came off, the guys starting framing the second floor. It started with a huge THUD! when they dropped off the first batch of wood from the lumber yard.

From there, they started framing the floor for the addition over the garage and old family room. After a night or two of that "outdoorsy" feeling we had a roof again.

And here's another view of the new kitchen from the back corner into the old kitchen. This also gives yo a good perspective on the effect of pulling back the wall that used to separate our kitchen and family rooms.

And here's a peek at the floor of the addition from above.

One other little adjustment is the way we've made the closet in our old master bedroom/new guest room a bit smaller in order to open up the upstairs hallway. It sure looks funny now, but when we're done we'll have a nice skylight in the upstairs hallway, glass railings on the stairs, and a much more open feeling all around!


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