Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One piece at a time...

After some record-setting rains in Chicago dumped more than 90 billion gallons of water on the city this weekend, that's right 90 BILLION GALLONS, we're finally back to work on the siding. The guys got the first few pieces in place today on the side of the house and it looks wonderful. It's probably not obvious, but the siding I'm talking about is the large, dark gray, concrete panels with exposed stainless steel screws in the top of this photo:

At least I think it looks wonderful. Cindy's still skeptical, but I think it will grow on her. This project, especially the siding, has drug on so long that I don't think she cares what it looks like she just wants it done. I joked today that I could wrap the house in Christmas wrapping paper and put a bow on top, just as long as it was done. Cindy didn't argue.

Anyway, we're in the home stretch and it's looking great!


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