Thursday, September 11, 2008

A long, long wait....

We've been waiting for more than a year for this, and the day is finally here! As you know we've embarked on a huge house renovation project over the last year and the last significant loose end we need to tie up is siding on the back of the house. The front already has siding and looks a bit more conventional, but the back of the house is being clad in a more modern, industrial concrete panel system manufactured in Europe.

So after months of delays for a whole slew of reasons, we're finally there. The crew has been here on and off throughout the week preparing for the installation. If the rain holds off and the special screws get delivered, we'll finally get rolling on what I think is my favorite detail of the house!

First the house is wrapped in a special waterproof but breathable membrane (think GoreTex for your house) with liberal overlaps.

Then there's dark-gray Trex decking material drilled in vertical furring strips on all the vertical surfaces. On top of that there are long rubber strips stapled to every single furring strip.

Then on top of that goes the concrete siding panels in a lovely gray color that the manufacturer calls "flint."

We've second guessed this part of the project a million times. Sometimes it was the extra cost, other times it was the exhausting wait (2 weeks turned it to 3+ months), and sometimes it was the exasperated looks from our wonderful contractor. I think everybody's tired of the process, but we're hopeful that this is gonna be the icing on the cake. If things go well here it's going to be an amazing finish to a great project.


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