Friday, April 15, 2011

Cousin Penny

We recently had the joy of reconnecting with Adam's cousin, Penny Quinn. She is the oldest daughter of Adam's Uncle Joe. It has been many years since we've seen her, but she was her same joyful and vibrant self. She hadn't met any of our kids and she so warmly loved on them and they on her. It was a fun evening with her in our home, as you will see by the photos!

The girls loved cuddling with Penny.

The boys liked "measuring" themselves against Penny.

Emily loved laughing with Penny.....

....and making Penny laugh!

Thanks for visiting us, Penny!


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVED this visit with all of you. It was so much fun catching up and meeting your wonderful kids! They warmed up quickly and it felt so terrific to laugh, play and share so many hugs!!! They are truly a joy to be around. Adam and Cindy your love, patience and solid nurturing of each other and your kids simply shines through all of you. I was still glowing from the warmth of it all - the whole way home!! I smile even now when I think about it and see the pictures. Hope we don't wait so long before we do this again.


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