Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kate and Yellow Harp

Kate's harp isn't actually yellow, but her "Yellow Harp" brand definitely captures the vibrancy and joy of her professional harp playing. Kate's husband Ted was a great assistant for this photo session and we all enjoyed Kate's fantastic playing during our time together.

Enjoy a few fun shots below and click through for a full gallery.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

We reluctantly take a break from showcasing photos from St. Croix, though rest assured that we WILL post more of those as we have more to share! Last Tuesday we had a blizzard and about 18 inches of snow fell. We enjoyed watching it from inside our warm house, especially as the wind howled and we often couldn't see our neighbor's house across the street! Adam faithfully shoveled the driveway twice during the storm, and in the morning we both dug out our driveway just as the snow was ending and the sun started to shine.

Still shoveling and I think the snow is taller than me!

See our mailbox peeking out? No mail was delivered the day after the storm.

Adam and Andrew went for a drive later in the day to see how Wheaton looked with lots of snow. They enjoyed taking photos and seeing friends out shoveling. The following photos are from around downtown Wheaton. Note the snowmobile headed down one of the main streets!

Though we don't have any photos to prove it, Adam and I both enjoyed some challenging runs in the snow. Adam went out running DURING the blizzard and loved the thrill, and I ran the next morning and loved the stark whiteness of the snow and the quiet of the streets.

We hope to return to photos of the island, so stay tuned!