Monday, September 03, 2007

The Roof is Back!

It's been a busy couple of weeks and the house project marches on!

One of the most dramatic updates to the house is the removal of 24 feet of the back of the house. It started with the removal of the sliding glass door and window from the family room.

And from there it expanded to ripping out most of the old rear kitchen wall. This 24-foot expanse will be replaced with a single 8-inch post supporting a new 26-foot header over top of two sliding glass doors and a 12-foot bank of tall windows. Over top of this new wall of glass will be a beautiful brow about 29 feet wide and hanging about two feet off the back of the house. Aside from some visual variety, the brow will provide some weather protection and a spot for some exterior lights and (hopefully) speakers. It's going to dramatically change the whole house!

Meanwhile, the same day that Chicago got hit by tornados, thunderstorms, and flooding, our roofers came to install the entire new roof, almost. They had to stop early because of the terrible storms, but wrapped things up the following day.

And amidst all this craziness in our life, our wonderful rental home near downtown Wheaton is keeping us sane!