Friday, June 22, 2007

Signing Up For My First Ultramarathon

After running six marathons last year, I started to wonder what else I could try. When you finish a marathon and still feel like you could run a few more mile, what do you do? Maybe try an ultramarathon?

I've decided to try my first ultra race at America's Ultimate Off Road Challenge in Jay, Vermont. The race is 31.5 miles, includes a combination of mountains, hills, trails, bushwhacking, brook running, river crossings, sand dunes, and mud. Oh, and it's at the end of July. You know much how I hate running in the heat, right? Here's a shot from the widest river crossing at last year's race. I hope it will help me stay cool.

I'm both excited and intimidated about the challenge, but the best part is that my buddy Mark Brucato has agreed to run the race with me. We've been putting in lots of miles (should be 72 this week) and working out our strategy for winning surviving this race. This photo is proof that Mark signed up without the threat of force!

While Mark and I train for our first ultramarathon, we're hoping that friends and family will partner with us. We've teamed up with Compassion, a top-notch non-profit organization that helps about 800,000 children in 24 countries around the world with food, clothing, education, and health care including AIDS-related services. Our family has supported children through Compassion for several years and we know they are a trustworthy partner.

Would you consider pledging to support me for every mile of the 31.5 mile race I complete? Maybe a buck or two per mile? Maybe $10 per mile? Even better, would you consider sponsoring a child long-term for $32 per month?

You can sponsor a child or make a one-time donation online at If you decide to participate in this project with us, please email me and let us know about our contribution. It would be a real encouragement to us as we prepare for this race. Knowing that there's sponsorship money on the line would be a great incentive to keep going and finish the race!