Monday, March 05, 2007

The Pratt kids

We are overdue for a post, so we thought we'd showcase some recent photos of our kids!

Andrew is our avid reader these days. We need to go to the library at LEAST once a week to keep him happy with books. Our hope is for him to read many good books, and the Great Illustrated Classics are one series we've recently started collecting. We've read a few of these books to Andrew and Katie, and Andrew was eager to read The Jungle Book on his own!

Katie is our little "mommy". She loves caring for her babies by dressing, feeding, playing and taking them on pretend trips. Her favorite baby is Clara, the one with lots of hair. She was affectionately named "Hair Baby" for a while until Katie gave her a real name. It is fun to watch Katie so sweetly play with her dolls.

Joshua is our growing baby. He had a big growth spurt last month when he cut four teeth, learned to crawl and started saying "da da da". He is lots of fun these days and so loved by all of us.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Spratt said...

I miss you guys already!


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