Monday, August 01, 2011

14 years

Adam and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on July 19. We had one of the kids' favorite babysitters come care for them so we could enjoy an evening out. Adam surprised me with dinner at a wonderful Spanish tapas restaurant, Meson Sabika. A dear friend had told us about it and we finally had a chance to experience it. It is a beautiful place--an old mansion--with gorgeous gardens and fountains and columns outside. Of course, we took photos!

We shared tapas and a seafood paella.

Best of all, we shared time and good conversation, reflecting on how we've grown in our love for one another over the years. It is true for us that we love each other more and better now. May God continue to grow our love for each other in the years to come!


At 8:15 AM, Blogger Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) said...

You guys are such a beautiful couple and your posts always give me chills. Congratulations!


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