Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Marathon Adventure

I'm just catching up on recent events, but wanted to share my little adventure with you...

First, we should back up to Sunday, September 24. That's when I ran the Boulder Backroads Marathon in Colorado. I realize most folks don't consider running a marathon a "nice" vacation, but it's becoming more and more typical for us. I got to run with Dean Karnazes for a few minutes and it was a great run.

A month later, on October 22, Cindy and I ran the Chicago marathon together. While Grandpa Pete watched all three kids for us, we had a great run. The Chicago marathon is pretty much an annual tradition in our family and it was great to run it again.

Eleven days later, on November 2, I ran the Delaware marathon with Dean and 49 other runners. If you're not familiar with Dean, he's the guy who just finished running 50 marathons in all 50 states in 50 consecutive days. He's the guy who runs 200 mile relay races...by himself. He's the guy who once ran 350 miles....without sleep.

Anyway, the Delaware course is basically four repeat loops of a 3.25 mile, out-and-back route. Not exactly scenic or exciting, but running with a small group of runners in a non-competitive environment was really a unique experience. It was a great run and I had a blast. The marathon is never easy, but I felt better than ever after that run.

This is what I looked like before the marathon:

And this is what Dean and I looked like after that marathon:

Watch for another installment tomorrow....


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